Alcohol Prevention & Screening

Program Overview

This program is designed to educate the offender on the negative physical, emotional, and psychological effects of alcohol abuse. In addition, the program reviews the laws and penalties associated with OUIL arrests. The goal of the program is to prevent repeat offenses by helping the offender better understand alcohol abuse and how it effects him/her.

Dates, Times & Fee

The Alcohol Prevention Program is a two-session program that meets from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., usually two consecutive Mondays in a given month, at 27701 Jefferson Avenue. The fee for the program is $100. For enrollment information, contact Probation Department at 586-445-5284.


Alcohol screening is mandated by state law for all drinking and driving offenses and is used by the judge for sentencing. The screening process is normally a 45-minute procedure and $100 fee is assessed.

For more information about scheduling a screening appointment, contact the Probation Department at 586-445-5284.