Overnight Street Parking Requirements

Overnight On-Street Parking

City ordinance prohibits parking of vehicles on city streets during the hours of 3 a.m. until 5 a.m. The ordinance does allow permits to park on the street during that time for those people that do not have adequate room on the property to fit all of their vehicles. Permits will not be available for residents' convenience. Commercial vehicles are prohibited in residential areas overnight and will not be issued permits.


To apply for a permit, vehicle registrations must be produced for all vehicles registered at the home. Once the registrations are provided, the property is inspected to assure that there is not adequate room. If there is not adequate room, permits will be issued for those vehicles above what would fit in the driveway and garage.

For those times when there is a short term need for on street parking, such as driveway replacement or out of town visitors that require on street parking, a temporary permit can be issued. A temporary permit can be issued at the front desk of the police department, 24 hours a day.