2018 DATES: Aug. 7 Primary & Nov. 6 General

Are you registered to Vote?   Deadline to register/change address for Primary is July 9th.

Additional Information

Absentee Ballots - are going in the mail on 7/6/18.  As we receive your completed application we will be mailing out ballots daily. To see where you are in the process  to www.michigan.gov/vote.

Election night results are uploaded live to the Macomb County Clerk website and posted to our website when all the precinct and absentee ballots are reported.   

  • Notice of Last Day to Register to Vote Information
  • Notice of Election  
  • Notice of Voting Public Accuracy Test 

Absentee Ballot Applications are available on the Absentee voting tab.  The City Clerk's office is open the Saturday prior to each election from 8 am - 2 pm for Absentee Ballots Only.
Where you vote and what is on the ballot
Elected Officials List

Election Inspectors - 

Do you want to work as an Election Inspector? Complete and Submit an Application 
To work as an election inspector you must be:

  • A U.S. citizen
  • Registered to vote in the state of Michigan
  • Not related to someone running for office on that election ballot
  • High school students over the age of 16 can work    

 Election/AVCB Workers Confirmation for Aug 7th

  1. Respond if you will or will not be working using the Election Worker RSVP link below.

  2. Next Step - If you are able to work, you may sign up for one of the training classes listed below (please respond on the RSVP link before signing up for a class):

 RESPOND  if you will/will not be working using the following link:  Election Worker RSVP  


SIGN UP FOR  a training session by clicking on the appropriate link below:

        Election Inspector

       EPB Inspector Refresher

       EPB Inspector - New User

       EPB Lab

       Chair/Co-Chair/Field Rep

       AVCB  Absentee Voter Counting Board Class