2019 Elections:  Aug 6 &  Nov. 5  Mayor & City Council
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Nov. 2018 Prop. 3 - The passage of "Promote the Vote" brings changes to Election Laws in 2019. The following changes are now part of the Michigan Constitution: 

Protecting the right to vote a secret ballot, providing voters the option to vote a straight party ballot, allowing citizens to register to vote by mail until 15 days before an election, registering to vote in person with the Clerk's Office until 8:00 pm on Election night and allowing for all registered voters to vote absentee without needing to provide a reason.

Simplified manner to Vote by Absentee Ballot  -  Click and complete the application form to be   automatically mailed an Absentee Ballot Application for all elections.

The City Clerk's office is open for the issuance of Absentee Ballots only on the Saturday prior to each election from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm.

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