Code Violation Process

Should a complaint be logged against you, then a Code Enforcement Inspector will visit your property. Should the Code Enforcement Officer confirm that the complaint is legitimate, you will likely receive a Notice of Violation.

A Notice of Violation is a courtesy notification. You will have 7 to 10 days to correct the violation or contact our offices to arrange a plan of action.

If the violation has not been corrected or if you have not contacted our offices within the given time frame then you may receive a courtesy Final Notice of Violation or you may receive a citation and your appearance at the 40th District Court will be required.

The intent of the Code Enforcement Department is to maintain or improve the overall condition, aesthetics, and livability of St. Clair Shores. That being said, the Code Enforcement Supervisor is here to work with you to help resolve violations in the most efficient manner possible. The Code Enforcement staff work hard to try to resolve issues without issuing tickets.