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Utility Billing

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Tax and Utility bills can be paid by credit card.

This service is currently offered through Point and Pay, LLC.

A convenience fee is charged for this service which is the responsibility of the cardholder:

 Credit Cards 3.00%
 (minimum fee of $1.50)
 Electronic Checks are provided as a FREE service.
( a NSF fee of $40.00 will be assessed in the event that an electronic check is returned)

You can also make credit card payments via telephone by calling 1-855-414-9009.

* The City does not receive the convenience fee or any credit card or bank information.

You must contact Point and Pay Customer Service at 1-888-891-6064, extension 1, if you are experiencing any problem with your transaction.

**Please note payment should be reflected on the account within 48 hours.

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