Street and Water Main Replacements

Hanson Court St. Reconstruction (Greater Mack to Defer) – Contractor will be joint sealing and cleaning the road on November 4th & 5th.  Sidewalk and driveway forming and replacement scheduled to begin on Saturday, November 6th.

Harmon St. (Statler to Frazho) –  Friday, November 12th & Saturday, November 13th remove 4' centerline "ribbon".  Monday, November 15th - replace centerline "ribbon".  *Assume 6 calendar day cure.  Trees will be planted immediately following concrete cure.

Twelve Mile Road (Jefferson to Harper) – Complete less final walk through.   

Meier St. - (Joan to Rockwood)   Complete less final restorations.

Dorion St.  (Waterloo to east to cul-de-sac) Curb backfill & driveway prep continues.  Monday, November 15th - Form/Pour Angeline Court and Waterloo intersections.  *Driveway and sidewalk restoration to commence following intersection pours.  Pamar will start final restoration immediately after flatwork forms are removed.

Grand Lake St. – (Harper to Greater Mack)  Project complete.

Share St. - (Harper to 13 Mile Road)  Thursday, November 11th & Friday, November 12th - Pamar will form Share, finish grade and compaction. Saturday, November 13th - Pour Share Street full width.  Monday, November 15th - Form/Pour Love & Burton St. Intersections.  *Assume 6 calendar day cure.  Pamar will start driveway prep as soon as possible.  Mark Anthony to start driveway and sidewalk flatwork 3 days after Pamar starts the prep work.  Pamar will start final restoration immediately after flatwork forms are removed.

Maplegrove St. -  (12 Mile to Grossedale)  Date to be determined.

Macomb County Department of Roads Project - Nine Mile Road to 175' North of Little Mack Avenue - Cipparrone Contracting, contractor, will be placing message boards on Harper and at 10 and Little Mack announcing the project. Barrels will be set up on Monday, September 20th with saw cutting to begin on Tuesday, September 21st. Phase One will include the southbound curb lane at Taco Bell going south. This Phase will include the closing of Little Mack at Harper. They will also be closing the outside lane for equipment to remove the pavement and shift southbound traffic to the left turn lane during the day and pull the barrels back at the end of the work day. The message boards will announce this closure. Once they begin work in the intersection depending on which phase left turns will be eliminated as well.