Recycling and Garbage Carts

GFL will supply a 64 gallon recycling container at no charge to residents who request one. Call them directly at 1-866-772-8900 or fill out the Order Form. The City also sells 64 and 96 gallon trash containers to residents who need a larger container for rubbish Order Here.

Recycling carts are an Olympia green color with a matching green lid and are
hot stamped with “City of St. Clair Shores Recycling Only” on the side of each cart and the lid has a full color label . The garbage cart is also green cart, but the lid is a dark grey color. Both sides of the garbage cart will be hot stamped with “City of St. Clair Shores Garbage Only” . The carts are not interchangeable. GFL will not service trash placed in a recycling cart.

Use of the larger containers for recycling or waste collection is voluntary. Residents may continue to use the 18 gallon blue recycling containers or a 32 gallon waste can. The choice is yours. Residents who choose to use the 64 gallon recycling carts may keep their 18 gallon bin or place it in their 64 gallon cart for recycling pickup by GFL Environmental East Corporation.

Gilbert's Hardware no longer accepts batteries for recycling.