Tax Bill Payment

Pay Bills In Person

Tax and water payments can be made at the cashier’s window at CITY HALL. Cash, checks, money orders and credit cards* are acceptable forms of payment. Please bring your bill with you.

* This service is offered through Point and Pay, LLC. A 3.00% convenience fee ($1.50 minimum) is charged to the cardholder for this service. The city does not receive the convenience fee or any credit card information.

** A legal form of identification will be required to be presented for all credit card transactions.

A DROP BOX is located at the front of City Hall. Clearly label your correspondence either Tax or
Water Department.

Tax and Water Payments are accepted at FIRST STATE BANK branches located in St. Clair Shores. You must present your entire bill. Make checks payable to “City of St. Clair Shores”. Partial payments are not accepted at the bank.

Payment by Check Notice

Payment by check, whether paper or electronic, is accepted only as a conditional payment. If not honored by the bank, the bill remains unpaid and is subject to penalties and/or interest. The City assesses a $40.00 fee each time a non-cash form of payment is returned to us due to insufficient funds, stopped payments, closed accounts or incorrect banking information that makes an account unable to locate.

Pay by U.S. Mail

Tax and water bill payments can be mailed to us using the envelope provided with your bill. Be sure to add proper postage. Postmarks are not accepted. All payments are credited for the business date on which they are received in the Treasurer’s Office.

If you do not have your bill or return envelope, you may mail your payment to: 27600 Jefferson Circle Drive, St. Clair Shores, MI 48081.

Tax and water billing and payment information is available on our website.


                                    FOR WATER INFORMATION

Online Credit Card or Electronic Check Payments

Tax and Utility bills can be paid by credit card.

This service is offered currently through Point and Pay, LLC.
A convenience fee is charged for this service which is the responsibility of the cardholder:

            Credit Cards                  3.00%
                                          (minimum fee of $1.50)

                     Electronic Checks are provided as a FREE service.
( a NSF fee of $40.00 will be assessed in the event that an electronic check is returned)

You can also make credit card payments via telephone by calling 1-855-414-9009.

* The City does not receive the convenience fee or any credit card or bank information.

You must contact Point and Pay Customer Service at 1-888-891-6064, extension 1, if you are experiencing any problem with your transaction.

**Please note payment should be reflected on the account within 48 hours.
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Setup Automatic Payments For Water Bills Only

Customers can authorize the City of St. Clair Shores to automatically withdraw water bill payments from a checking or savings account. Customers will still receive their quarterly bill in advance before the payment is deducted on the due date. No checks to write…no postage…no late payments…no hassles. Automatic Bill Pay is free and easy to use. Just download our Automatic Payment Form below. Return your completed form to the Water Billing Department at City Hall. If you have any questions, please contact the Water Billing Department at (586) 447-3317.

Final bills cannot be paid through Automatic Bill Pay. If an account is set up with Automatic Bill Pay receives a final bill, it will not be deducted from their account.
Customers can withdraw from the program by submitting a written request to the Water Billing Department.