Civil Court Fees

Per Michigan Court Rule 1.110: Fines, costs, and other financial obligations imposed by the court must be paid at the time of assessment, except when the court allows otherwise, for good cause shown.

Making Payments


Payments can be made at the 40th District Court building during regular business hours or by using a payment kiosk and drop box at the front entrance. The kiosk and drop box are open for use 24/7.


You can make an online payment to the court using ALLPAID

By Phone

The 24-hour telephone number is 866-211-0099, pay location code 6008.

More Information

  • Any checks returned for non-sufficient funds are subject to a service fee
  • General Civil, Small Claims, and Landlord/Tenant forms are universal and are available at most courts or online at the Michigan Supreme Court Website.
  • Landlord/Tenant information booklets are available through the Civil Division.
  1. Filing Fees

Small Claims Filing Fee, MCL 600.8420(1)

Filing Fee
Up to $600$30
$601 - $1,750$50
$1,751 - $6,000$70
 **Add certified mailing fee $15/individual or $9/company

General Civil Filing Fee, MCL 600.8371

Filing Fee
Up to $600$35
$601 - $1,750$55
$1,751 - $10,000$75
Over $10,000 < $25,000$160

Filing Fee Other Than Money Judgment, MCL 600.8371(8)

Other than money damages / Claim & Deliver
$85 (add value of claim)
  1. Summary Proceedings
  1. Possession & Money Judgement
  1. Motion Fee
  1. Marriage Fee
  1. Jury Demand
  1. Writ of Restitution, Garnishment, Attachment, or Execution and each Judgment Debtor Discovery Subpoena
  1. Copy/Form Fees
  1. Appeal Fee