Construction Projects

Hanson Court St. Reconstruction (Greater Mack to Defer) – Consumers Energy will be mobilizing on site this Wednesday, August 4, 2021.  Consumers Energy anticipates this work to take 2-3 weeks to complete.  Once Consumers Energy has completed their work, Florence Cement will return to the site to complete the pavement replacement portion of the project.

Hanson Court Water Main - Completed 

Harmon St. (Statler to Frazho) – Beginning the week of August 2nd the contractor will be doing roadway grinding and Phase 1 concrete placement.

Twelve Mile Road (Jefferson to Harper) – The contractor will begin milling off the asphalt on the westbound lanes on Monday, July 26.  They anticipate this work will last 2-3 days.  Once the milling is complete, they will then begin on concrete repairs and drive approach work.  Those properties on the north side of 12 Mile affected will lose access to their property when the driveways are being replaced and will have to park on the nearest side street.

Meier St. - (Joan to Rockwood)   Beginning the week of August 2nd the paving contractor, Mark Anthony Construction, will begin the storm sewer removal and installation. Some additional sidewalk is required to be removed and replaced due to the existing storm sewer being directly underneath the existing sidewalk.  Once the underground work is complete, they will then start preparing the road base then begin placing the new concrete.  If access to your property is from Meier Street this work will require you to park on the nearest side street during construction.  For trash pick-up please leave it out as usual on your normal collection date. 

Dorion St.  (Waterloo to east to cul-de-sac) Beginning the week of August 2nd, they will complete the cut and caps of the existing water main, fusing new water main and start pipe bursting operation.

Grand Lake St. – (Harper to Greater Mack) Beginning the week of August 2nd, the pipe bursting of the proposed water main, water services, and post construction lateral inspection. 

Share St. - (Harper to 13 Mile Road)  They have finished the tree removals as planned.  No other construction work has started to date.

Maplegrove St. -  (12 Mile to Grossedale)  Schedule forthcoming. 

Brys Park – Parking Lot and Walking Path replacement.  Schedule forthcoming. 

Kyte Monroe Sports Complex – Parking Lot Replacement.  Schedule forthcoming.

District 6 Sidewalk Program - starting June 15, 2021.  No more permits will be issued for work in this section.

District 7 Sidewalk Program – anticipated to begin mid-August.  Permits will be issued until August 1st.  All work must be completed prior to our contractor doing work on the street.  If not, the permit is no longer valid and our contractor will complete the work.