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Posted on: May 9, 2018


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EPA is in town to find out which of two PCB cleanup plans for the contaminated soil at residential and commercial properties in the Ten-Mile Drain Superfund site residents prefer. The proposed cleanup action involves selected properties in the area around Lakeland and Bon Brae streets and Harper Avenue as well as an area centered on the Lange and Revere Street canals.

To meet the preliminary cleanup goals established for near-surface soil in the investigation areas, EPA studied several action alternatives such as a protective cap, thermal treatment, and excavation. They determined that excavation was the only viable alternative. EPA then developed two alternatives and evaluated each option in detail against the nine selection criteria established by federal Superfund law.

The criteria includes:

1) Overall protection of human health and the environment. This standard can be met by reducing or removing pollution or be reducing exposure to it.

2) Compliance with applicable and appropriate requirements. This ensures that the option complies with all federal and state laws.

3) Long-term effectiveness and permanence. Evaluates how well the solution works over the long-term and how safely the contamination can be managed.

4) Reduction of toxicity, mobility or volume through treatment.

5) Short-term effectives. How quickly can the option help the situation?

6) Implementability. Is the option feasible and are materials and services available.

7) Cost. Includes not only equipment, materials and labor, but also the cost of maintaining the option for the life of the cleanup.

8) State acceptance. Does the Michigan

Department of Environmental Quality agree with the option?

9) Community acceptance. What is the opinion of the public? Do you, as residents, agree with the option recommended by the EPA.

Alternative 1 calls for no-further action. EPA is required to include a “no-action” alternative as a basis for comparison with other cleanup options. Under this alternative, EPA would take no additional action to prevent exposure to contaminated near-surface soil and the PCB-impacted soil would remain in place at the site. Site reviews would be done every five years. The cost of Alternative 1, is $95,000.

Alternative 2…Excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated near-surface soil. This is EPA’s recommended cleanup action. This option consists of excavating near-surface soil with total PCB concentrations exceeding selected cleanup levels to specified maximum depth depending on the property followed by off-site disposal at an appropriate landfill. The cost of Alternative 2 is

$7.8 million.

EPA answered questions and listen to residents comments on May 10 at an Open House at the St. Clair Shores Public Library and later at a public meeting in City Council Chambers You can view the Public Meeting on-demand in the Media Center of the City’s website at

Residents can also read a detailed proposed plan and other documents related to the Ten-Mile Drain site at or at the information repository in the Library on the corner of 11 mile and Jefferson.

EPA wants to hear your opinion. Email comments to EPA Community Involvement Coordinator Heriberto Leon at by June 22, 2018. EPA will make a final decision after they review residents’ comments.

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