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Posted on: October 2, 2023

Don't Clog the Drain!


When seasons change, our housework does too. One thing fall brings is the constant upkeep of our sidewalks and driveways. It may seem like a pain, but it’s actually an essential part of keeping the city safe and functional.

Clearing your sidewalk of leaves and ice keeps them safe for walking, not just for your neighbors but also for workers like delivery drivers and maintenance crews. Leaves can be just as slippery as ice when wet, so it’s important not to let them linger too long.

Resist the Temptation

We’ve all had the urge to leave a job half-done. That’s what raking leaves or shoveling snow into the street is - an unfinished job. Not only does this go against city ordinance, but it’s also a major safety hazard!

Foliage in the street creates havoc for several reasons. Wet leaves turn the surface of the road into slick and dangerous terrain. Wet or dry leaves fall into the catch basin, clogging it and preventing water from properly draining from the street. The next time your street floods, check the basin to see if someone needs to do their part.

To ensure the upkeep of this safety ordinance, homeowners will get ticketed for not clearing in front of their homes. Landscape and snow removal companies may not know about our ordinance, so inform any company you work with.

Spot a neighbor not doing their part?

Don’t call code enforcement! We get a lot of calls and we’re happy you’re trying to help but we need to witness the act in person. Next-day inspections are already too late.

Instead, call the Police Department’s non-emergency dispatch number, 586-777-6700, to report someone blowing leaves or snow into the street. Act fast because the officer needs to see it happening.

Regular upkeep

The best way to follow the ordinance is to keep on top of your property:

  • Keep your sidewalk and walkways free of snow and ice, obstructions, filth, rubbish, and/or other substances which may cause injury to any person
  • Remember - you have to clear snow regardless of whether a snow event or emergency has been called.
  • Do not rake, shovel, or blow leaves and snow into the street.
  • Periodically check catch basins in front of your property and clear away anything accumulated.
  • Rake and bag your leaves so they don’t become a nuisance for your neighbors. Use yard waste bags or designated cans labeled “yard waste” to leave curbside for your regular garbage pickup service. Yard waste season ends Dec. 8, 2023.

The Code Enforcement Department handles complaints about possible violations of the city’s codes and ordinances. You can find them inside the Community Development & Inspection Department at City Hall.

We strive to keep the city clean and maintained for all residents and businesses. Log a complaint by calling our Code Enforcement Hotline at 586-447-3399 or using our Service Request site.

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