How do I apply for an On-street Parking Permit?

ANNUAL 3AM-5AM ON-STREET PARKING PERMITS Effective January 2017, when determining the total number of vehicles to be parked at the home, we will only count a MAXIMUM of one vehicle per licensed driver at the home plus 2 extra. So, if there are 2 licensed drivers, we will only consider up to 4 vehicles when issuing permits. Only one trailer will be considered in total number. RV’s are motor vehicles. Calculation of verified parking spaces will remain the same. Permits are not issued for convenience reasons. Vehicles with permits must be in use, and must be moved at least every 48 hours. Permits do not exempt vehicles from the rules of a snow emergency. Vehicles must be removed from the street, until it has been plowed by the city. The registrations (or copies) of all vehicles to be considered must be presented each year for renewal. All registrations must be valid and registered at the address. If you have just moved and SOS has not updated your registration, we will accept your updated driver’s license for the first year only. Registrations must be corrected by second year of residency. A title must be shown for any unlicensed vehicles. UNLICENSED VEHICLES MUST BE STORED IN THE GARAGE. Upon application, an officer will check the residence to determine whether or not a permit is warranted. Neither the vehicles nor the homeowner needs to be present when this takes place. A temporary permit can be issued so that you will not be ticketed during this period. You will call the number listed below in approximately 14 days to learn whether or not you have been approved. There will be a $3 charge for each annual permit that is approved. ALL PERMITS EXPIRE ON FEBRUARY 1ST OF EACH YEAR, so you should renew in January, by AGAIN showing ** ALL ** of the registrations for ALL of your vehicles. If a vehicle with a permit on it is sold and replaced by a new vehicle, remove the old sticker (in pieces or whole) and bring it in, along with the registration for your new vehicle, and a new permit will be issued. NOTE: Stickers must be permanently affixed to the driver’s side of the windshield, approximately 5” up from the dashboard, and can only be used on the vehicle that was specified by the Police Department. RECORDS BUREAU HOURS for PARKING PERMITS Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (586) 445-5315

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