Marriage & Weddings

Marriage Licenses

Please visit the Macomb County Website for information on obtaining a marriage license.

Court Ceremonies

Notice: Only the wedding couple and two witnesses (four people) are allowed at court ceremonies.

All weddings conducted by the 40th District Court are scheduled by appointment.

The following must apply:

  • One party must be a City of St. Clair Shores resident.
  • Parties must provide two witnesses over the age of 18 years.
  • Parties must have a valid marriage license
  • A fee of $10 must be paid to the court at the time of the wedding ceremony.

To schedule an appointment:

Honorable Mark A. Fratarcangeli
Contact:  Michelle Maltagliati
Phone:  586-445-5383

Honorable Joseph Craigen Oster
Contact:  Jennifer Rent
Phone:  586-445-5385

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