Do I need a permit for a garage sale or block sale?

Yes, anyone hosting a garage or block sale needs a permit. You can pick up and submit permits at to the Community Development & Inspections (CDI) Department in City Hall

Garage sale permits are $5 and block sale permits are $25 for a minimum of 5 properties. Please list all participating addresses on the application form. City Hall takes payment as cash, check or credit card. There is a 3% fee and a minimum of $1.50 for credit card charges.

Permit Details

  • Permits need to be displayed in a location easily seen from the street.
  • Permits are valid for three consecutive days.
  • Do not place any sale signs in the public right of way between the sidewalk and the street or they are subject to confiscation. 
  • Do not attach signs to trees, utility poles or other public signs. 
  • Signs should be completely removed at the end of the sale.
  • Individual residences may participate in not more than two block sales per year.
  • Individual residences cannot host more than three garage sales per year.

Violation of sale regulations are subject to fines and penalties set forth in the SCS City Ordinances 15.000 and 19.150.

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