How do I dispose of construction equipment from my home projects?

GFL will pick up small amounts of material from residents performing their own repairs or remodeling. Please abide by the following guidelines:

Wood & Molding (2”x4”, 2”x2”, etc.) - bundle no larger than four feet in length, 18 inches in diameter, and weighing no more than 60 pounds. Tie with heavy twine or rope. Remove or hammer down all nails to prevent injury to GFL employees.

Plywood - stack neatly in sections no larger than  4’x4’. No nails.

Shingles & Drywall - place in 32-gallon containers or trash carts. Heavy-duty cardboard boxes can also be used. Do not exceed 60 pounds per bundle. Do not place at the curb for curbside pickup on rainy days.

Bricks/Concrete - GFL will not pick up bricks in any quantity. Residents can dispose of bricks at the DPW Complex during Long Mondays Drop Off Day occurring the second Monday of the month from April through October.

Broken Glass (including mirrors) - Never place broken glass in plastic bags. It can cause serious injury. Place all glass in metal containers like coffee cans, heavy-duty cardboard boxes, or hard plastic containers. Mark the container with “Broken Glass.” Be careful to stay within the 60-pound weight limit.

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