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Brys Park & Disc Golf Course

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Admission Fee

Park passes are not required for entry.

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  1. Baseball / Softball
  2. Disc Golf
  3. Playground
  4. Restrooms
  5. Soccer

Brys Park is located at 20700 Brys on the corner of 8 and Harper.

Amenities include:

  • Restroom Facilities
  • Playground Equipment
  • Baseball and Softball Fields
  • Soccer Field
  • Walkway & Run Path
  • Picnic Tables/Benches
  • 24-Hole Disc Golf Course 


Brys Park, a 17.3-acre park in the southeast corner of St. Clair Shores, hosts various uses, including a playground, sports fields, a dog park, and disc golf. In the 1990s, an arboretum was created in the park's northwest corner.

In 2022, St. Clair Shores City Council approved an agreement with ReLeaf Michigan to re-establish the arboretum. As part of that effort, the city hired Davey Resource Group to conduct a tree inventory of Brys Park and develop an arboretum plan and inventory summary report.


The Brys Arboretum serves as a public arboretum and passive recreational area, allowing visitors to engage with nature and enjoy its beauty. As an educational space, the arboretum promotes an understanding of the relationship between plants, people, and place through programs that integrate science. It also offers outreach services to community institutions and residents of St. Clair Shores and beyond.


  • Education: Promote the use of the arboretum as an educational resource to raise awareness and knowledge about climate change, species preservation, utility compatible species and air filtration.
  • Combat Climate Change: Utilize the arboretum as a means to actively combat climate change through the benefits that trees provide to the ecosystem, such as sequestering and storing carbon dioxide.
  • Attraction: Position the arboretum as an enticing attraction to draw visitors to the park and the city, enhancing its overall appeal and visitor experience.
  • Species Preservation: Serve as a repository for preserving various species for future generations, safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystem health.
  • Air Filtration: Leverage the arboretum's strategic location adjacent to the freeway to effectively filter and improve air quality in the surrounding area, contributing to a healthier environment.
  • Engagement: Enable authorized volunteer groups and/or individuals to aid in the upkeep and preservation of trees within the arboretum while also providing opportunities for passive recreation and community building.

Disc Golf Course Details

The St. Clair Shores disc golf course opened on June 10, 2010. 

The course provides leisure for all ages and a challenge for skilled players. The course has 24 holes and is open daily.

Holes - Distances

1 - 255 ft7 - 168 ft13 - 161 ft19 - 142 ft
2 - 190 ft8 - 220 ft14 - 190 ft20 - 234 ft
3 - 336 ft9 - 206 ft15 - 252 ft21 - 135 ft
4 - 213 ft10 - 281 ft16 - 183 ft22 - 169 ft
5 - 355 ft11 - 174 ft17 - 203 ft23 - 174 ft
6 - 207 ft12 - 209 ft18 - 184 ft24 - 240 ft